Dominique Hogan MMus, BMus, DCS

Executive & Artistic Director/Founder

Dominique is a Conductor/Musical Director/Arranger/Composer and Educator who has worked across the United States and Canada. She has worked in both Musical Theatre and Opera. Dominique’s greatest passion is working in community, demystifying music and singing, and bringing the idea of “playing” back into the term “playing music”. She loves to find creative ways to teach music and singing to everyone with a desire to learn. In her private teaching she teaches people to release their voice and find their authentic sound. Dominique loves to use her creative energy to produce engaging and dynamic productions, concerts and theatrical productions. She has directed and taught public speaking, acting and is an expert at event management and planning, as well as working with and staging large groups in productions.

Dominique holds a Master’s Degree in Musical Direction for Musical Theatre/Lyric Opera from Arizona State University under full scholarship, a Bachelor of Music Degree in Music Theory, from McGill University, and a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Piano Performance from Marianopolis College in Montreal. A trained classical pianist and conductor she has also studied jazz piano and voice and works as a gospel pianist with Marcus Mosely once/month for the Mount Seymour United Gospel Choir. Dominique has become known for her engaging leadership and ability to teach music to people from all backgrounds and training to enjoy creating music together.  Having spent many years learning how to sing in various genres and with various vocal placements depending on style and genre of the music, Dominique has become a specialist in teaching singers to sing with the proper vocal placement for the genre of the music being sung.